Tough Love Rings

Screen Shot 2017 10 16 At 9 54 10 AMTough Love Rings are PREMIUM silicone rings made for HARD WORKING HANDSTM! They are made of medical grade, hypo-allergenic, non-porous, non-conductive premium silicone rubber. We carry bands in 5.5mm and 8.7mm widths and sizes that vary from 4 to 14. The PATENT PENDING silicone rings are form fitting and less prone to snagging and irritation because they are about 30% thinner than other brands on the market; all without compromising quality or durability.

Screen Shot 2017 10 16 At 10 12 52 AMThis is the key differentiator and the reason why Tough Love Rings are MUCH more comfortable and in some cases, safer and more functional for those that use their hands or lift heavy weights. With less material to put pressure on the side of your fingers, Tough Love Rings are practically undetectable when you wear them and alleviate any unnecessary pressure on the sides of your fingers.

Silicone rings are not meant to replace traditional metal bands, but rather supplement them to allow the wearer to continue representing their marriage when they can’t wear their metal band. For example, TOUGH LOVE RINGS are very popular among the active-lifestyle community, public servants (police, firefighters and military) and skilled workers (factory workers, mechanics, electricians, plumbers and nurses) or any other person who can’t or is not allowed to wear metal jewelry at work. Being Military Compliant, they are perfect for our service men and women.

All of our Tough Love Rings are only $14.95.


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