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Shape Size Cut Color Clarity Lab
Cushion 1.01 N/A J VS2 AGS
Round 1.14 Very Good F SI2 AGS
Cushion 1.24 N/A J VS1 AGS
Princess 1.83 N/A H SI2 AGS
Cushion 1.04 N/A L VS1 AGS
Cushion 1.20 N/A K VS1 AGS
Cushion 1.02 N/A K VS2 AGS
Oval 5.29 N/A H SI2 AGS
Radiant 1.30 N/A K VS2 AGS
Cushion 1.51 N/A L SI2 AGS
Cushion 1.63 N/A K SI2 AGS
Cushion 1.31 N/A L VS2 AGS
Cushion 1.22 N/A J VS1 AGS
Round 1.01 Ideal D SI2 AGS
Cushion 1.50 N/A L SI1 AGS
Round 0.73 N/A E SI2 GIA
Cushion 1.29 N/A F SI2 GIA
Radiant 4.38 N/A None VS2 GIA
Round 3.03 Very Good G SI1 GIA
Princess 1.72 N/A H VS1 GIA
Radiant 1.37 N/A I SI1 GIA
Princess 1.51 N/A F SI1 GIA
Round 1.80 Excellent H VS1 GIA
Emerald 1.20 N/A J VS1 GIA
Emerald 1.50 N/A E SI1 GIA
Cushion 1.50 N/A D VS2 GIA
Round 4.30 Excellent F VS2 GIA
Round 0.60 Excellent D SI1 GIA
Princess 1.20 N/A F SI1 GIA
Round 2.33 Excellent E SI2 GIA
Round 1.05 Excellent H VS2 GIA
Radiant 2.03 N/A F VS2 GIA
Radiant 1.51 N/A None SI2 GIA
Radiant 6.02 N/A K SI1 GIA
Cushion 0.95 N/A None SI1 GIA
Round 2.21 Excellent J SI1 GIA
Cushion 2.65 N/A None SI2 GIA
Round 1.20 Excellent D VS2 GIA
Round 0.90 Very Good E SI2 GIA
Round 1.21 Excellent G VS1 GIA
Round 0.50 Very Good E VS2 GIA
Cushion 3.02 N/A E SI2 GIA
Round 3.00 Very Good H VS1 GIA
Round 3.53 Excellent F VS2 GIA
Round 0.70 Excellent F VS1 GIA
Princess 1.01 N/A E SI1 GIA
Princess 1.00 N/A F SI1 GIA
Oval 1.50 N/A G SI1 GIA
Round 1.02 Excellent D VS2 GIA
Round 0.91 Very Good I VS1 GIA
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