Harout R. Aghjayan, world reknown jewelry designer and trendsetter to jewelry innovation, is proud to present his newest creative signature collections. The inspiration behind the Harout R brand comes from the observance of nature and its truly amazing natural creations. Many of the Harout R designs reflect the beauty of the sea and blossoming plant life. The question people ask most is, “How was Harout able to brand himself so quickly?” His response has always been the same – “Designs, Designs, Designs!” “When looking at designs in the bridal market today, there’s no distinction or passion in their creations.” “When developing new designs, I want to create a never-before-seen feeling.” “The intricate detail which goes into each of my pieces evoke such emotion and desire, that when a woman puts on a Harout R ring, she’ll never want to take it off.”

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