Thin Blue Line DTZ-71823-111

Stock # DTZ-71823-111

Thin Blue Line DTZ-71823-111

Thin Blue Line DTZ-71823-111

Stock # DTZ-71823-111

14 Karat gold and Diamond bracelet.  From the Italian designer Crieri; this unusual bracelet feature natural diamonds that have been permanantly treated to become blue.  The 14 karat bracelet is also coated in a durable blue finish.  Wear The Thin Blue Line on your wrist!


Product Details

Name DTZ-71823-111
Stock Number DTZ-71823-111
Type Bracelet

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Thin Blue Line

Family & Co. Jewelers has always supported our military, our police, our fire and our EMTs.  These are the heroes who keep us safe and free.


Today, showing our support for our police men and women is more important than ever! 


Please wave at our police as you drive past them.  Please walk up to an officer on the street and shake his or her hand and say "Thank you for keeping me safe!"


Family & Co. Jewelers is donating 10% of all Thin Blue Line Collection sales to the Evesham Township Police Foundation!

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