Lashbrook Designs Wedding Band

Stock # D8D21_SS+ACID

Lashbrook Designs D8D21_SS+ACID

Lashbrook Designs Wedding Band

Stock # D8D21_SS+ACID

Handmade 8mm Damascus steel domed band with 2, 1mm inlays of sterling silver


Product Details

Stock Number D8D21_SS+ACID
Department Bridal & Engagement
Type Wedding Band
Sub Type Men's Wedding Bands
Collection Damascus
Material Damascus Steel

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Lashbrook Designs

Lashbrook Designs is the jewelry industry's premier supplier of alternative metal wedding bands. Their unparalleled lifetime guarantee and insurance program, make wedding bands by Lashbrook Designs a great choice.  We can assit you in designng a one of a kind wedding band, Lashbrook has over fifteen billion design possibilities!  Yes, that's billion with a B! That's over 15,000,000,000 different ways we can design a wedding band for him!

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