Most Sought After Diamonds

October 8, 2019

Diamonds are "the" classic gemstone that consistently takes a woman’s breath away year after year. No matter what the occasion, a diamond is certain to please. Not all diamonds are created equal, though. Jewelers know this, but many customers think diamonds are all pretty much the same. Understanding what makes some diamonds more sought after than others can help you make wiser jewelry selections.

White Diamonds

White (colorless) diamonds are one of the most sought after types of diamonds for the simple reason that they are rare to find in natural mining operations. When a diamond is forming, certain elements will naturally become part of the diamond lattice, or its intricate makeup. These trapped elements will eventually add color to the diamond. Generally, the color that results will be a slight shade of yellow. The more yellow the diamond is; the less valuable it is. Diamonds can have traces of other colors, as well.  Because a naturally mined diamond will have some traces of these elements, it is nearly impossible to find truly white naturally mined diamonds.

Fancy Color Diamonds

If a diamond has enough color to be considered a fancy color; the value goes up.  If it is classified by GIA as “fancy intense” the color goes up further.  The rarest of the fancy colors is red followed by pink.  Not as rare are brown, orange and yellow; which can go by names such as “chocolate”, “cognac”, and “canary” diamonds. 

Still desired but less expensive are diamonds that have been color treated.  These are genuine diamonds; only the color is unnatural.  Family & Co. Jewelers sells fancy color diamonds: some are natural in color and some (like the pink) are color treated.

There are also some very famous natural color diamonds.  The Hope Diamond, for instance, is housed in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and is valued at $350 million, is actually a blue diamond due the high levels of boron in the diamond.

Diamond Cuts

The other factor that results in a highly sought after diamond is the cut. The cut of the diamond is what will eventually give it true appeal. The cut will influence how the diamond sparkles and how it captivates the eye.  Round cut diamonds have been the most popular cut for quite some time for many reasons. First of all, it is the classic shape that many people associate with diamonds. The round brilliant cut diamond will NEVER go out of style.

Princess cut is a closer runner-up to the round cut. The princess cut is generally used in more formal jewelry, such as engagement rings. The princess cut is more elaborate than the round cut, signifying that the diamond is symbolic in nature, such as an engagement diamond.  Radiant and Cushion cut diamonds are popular as well.  Oval cut diamonds are gaining in popularity mainly because the elongated shape can give a smaller diamond the illusion of a larger size.

It is important to remember that any fancy shaped diamond is subject to fashion.  At one time the marquise cut diamond was the most popular diamond.  To quote DeBeers “A Diamond is Forever”; but fashion is fickle.  So if you wish your diamond to be timeless; choose a round brilliant cut diamond.

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