Is There a Difference Between Earth Mined and Lab Grown Diamonds?

November 16, 2019

First thing I want to say, the purpose of this blog is not to promote one type of diamond over another. At Family & Co. Jewelers we sell both earth mined diamonds (we’ve been selling these for over 80 years!) as well as above ground diamonds (we’ve been selling these for about two years).  Our stance, a diamond is a diamond is a diamond.  Secong part of that belief, the customer is king and whatever you want is what you should receive.


Without mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds would not exist. It’s an amazing scientific accomplishment to have been able to replicate the growth process of mined diamonds. If mined diamonds didn’t exist, above ground diamonds would also not exist.


The questions people always ask go something like “Are lab grown diamonds real?” “Is there a difference between mined and grown diamonds?” “Will my diamond keep its value?” “What quality are grown diamonds?”


Let me answer these questions one at a time.


Q: Are lab grown diamonds real?

A: Yes, all diamonds regardless of where they come from or how they were created have the same physical, chemical and optical properties. They also all have the same hardness (10) and the same specific gravity. A grown diamond is a real diamond. A diamond tester will declare an above ground diamond to be a diamond with no distinction from a mined diamond. All of the grown diamonds that Family & Co. Jewelers sells are laser inscribed with the words “lab grown” to avoid any confusion.


Q: Is there a difference between mined and grown diamonds?

A: Yes, there are some differences the two. The first difference is in where the diamond comes from and how long it took to grow. Does this difference matter to you? That’s for you to decide. Some people prefer lab grown for environmentally and/or humanitarian reasons. Another difference is cost. Family & Co. Jewelers sells above ground diamonds for 40 to 50% less than mined diamonds!


Q: Will my diamond keep its value?

A: Yes and No. We have always honestly explained that if you ever decide to sell a diamond, you will lose money. Of course this is true of everything we purchase throughout our lifetimes. This fact isn’t unique to diamonds and jewelry. But it does keep its value. If you ever wish to trade you diamond back to Family & Co. Jewelers you will receive every penny spent in trade. And unlike some stores that insist that you spend double; we allow trades with as little as 10% over the price of the original diamond. This applies to every diamond we sell, lab grown diamonds as well as earth mined diamonds.


Q: What quality are grown diamonds?

A: Just like mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds are graded using the four Cs. That’s color, clarity, cut and carat weight. Grown diamonds vary in color and clarity the same as mined diamonds. As for carat weight, larger grown diamonds are more rare than smaller diamonds. As for cut, the majority of round lab grown diamonds we sell are “triple excellent” or “ideal cut”. And just like mined diamonds, all of our grown diamonds have an independent lab report documenting the four Cs.



Now that you have read about the differences and similarities between these two types diamonds, you can make a better informed decision before you decide between purchasing one type of diamond over the other. And we are here to answer any and all of your diamond questions.

Family & Co. Jewelers