The power of &

July 12, 2019

Once upon a time a boy & a girl meet.  They go out on a few dates and decided to become boyfriend & girlfriend.  As the years go by; they become serious.

One day the boy, now a man, decides that he wants to be just like his dad & mom who have celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.  Even like his grandfather & grandmother who have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

So he visits Family & Co. Jewelers and selects a beautiful diamond & an exquisite engagement ring.  The girl, now a young woman, says yes. 

They have a beautiful wedding; they are a very attractive bride & groom.  They begin their life together as man & wife.  They eventually have children; they become dad & mom.

Why am I fascinated with &?  Because we are Family & Co. Jewelers!  What does that mean?  It means that we started in 1937 as a small mom & pop jewelry store; run by my grandfather & grandmother.  The business was moved to Marlton by my dad & mom.  We are still run by family; five members of the 3rd & 4th generation are in the store. 

Much like the boy & girl in my story that have changed and grown over the years and will some day themselves become grandfather & grandmother; Family & Co. has also evolved. 

Yes, we are a family run business; with all the benefits of the public being able to deal with family members.   We are a family business & we are a company that is large enough to have the buying power & the staying power to serve you & your children & your grandchildren & their grandchildren.   Our strong company includes long time employees like jewelry designer Gary Spivak (since 1992) & his son Josh Spivak who designs jewelry using the latest CAD/CAM design technology & Ian Bralow (since 1993) who has extensive knowledge of the jewelry business.

We serve the tri-state area; Marlton & Cherry Hill & Voorhees & Mt. Laurel & Haddonfield & Moorestown & Medford & Maple Shade & Cinnaminson & Gibbsboro & Pennsauken & Collingswood & Philadelphia & Delaware... #WHAAATTT!


Written by Angelo P. Breaux, Sr; 3rd generation jeweler

Family & Co. Jewelers