The World's Most Valuable Jewelry

July 9, 2019

A blog about a valuable ruby (and a few very valuable diamonds) in honor of July's birthstone. 

Jewelry comes in all forms and designs, with some made out of regular metal or plastic and others designed from some of the greatest materials in the world. It is almost always possible to find something more expensive and more valuable, and while it is possible to purchase some rather valuable pieces of jewelry from a local jewelry store, the following are by far some of the most valuable pieces in the world.

Heart of the Kingdom Ruby: $14 million

Not only is the 40.63 carat Burmese ruby formed in the shape of a heart and mounted onto a 155 carat diamond necklace that is also worn as a tiara, but it also comes from one of the oldest jewelry companies in the world.

Bulgari Blue Diamond Ring: $15.7 million

This is a piece of jewelry that is really going to weigh down the hand of the person wearing it. The blue diamond weighs 10.95 carats (on one side) while a white shaped 9.87 carat sits on the other. There are few other rings out there that consist of more than 20 carats of diamonds, let alone only in two stones.

Chopard's Blue Diamond Ring: $16.26 million

This is another ring featuring a blue diamond. Blue diamonds are incredibly rare, which in turn is what increases the total value. The diamond itself is a flawless, blue oval that is placed onto 18 karat white gold. The value of just the 9 carat blue diamond is actually $1.7 million per carat, which shows just how incredible the stone itself is.

Heart of the Ocean Diamond: $20 million

Any fan of the movie Titanic will recognize this gorgeous piece from the movie. The necklace is based on the costume jewelry from the movie. Although it replicates the design of the one from the movie, this necklace and gem is the real deal. It comes from Harry Winston and has a 15 carat blue diamond.

Diamond Bikini: $30 million

Now this is not something to be worn to the beach. Molly Sims wore it during a photo shoot for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and it features more than 150 carats of diamonds placed into a platinum setting.

The Graff Pink: $46.2 million

While formerly part of Harry Winston’s private collection, the 24.78 carat pink diamond ring is a piece few individuals know anything about. Winston sold it at auction to Laurence Graff. It is actually considered the greatest diamond ever unearthed.


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