Diamond Engagement Ring Trends for 2019

January 2, 2019

As some trends come into style, fade away, and come back around again, vintage inspired diamond engagement rings will always be in style.


Are you looking for an actual vintage ring? Check out our estate department for some antique diamond engagement rings. Are you looking for an authentic vintage design but in a brand new ring? Check out Beverley K; one of the many bridal designers that we represent.


Are you looking for vintage inspired but with a twist of modern? Many vintage diamond engagement rings are a blend of modern and antique elements, which is what many most of our brides go for today. Check out our Verragio Premiere Boutique; Barry Verragio was a pioneer in a fusion of old and new designs in a diamond engagement ring. Also check out other designers that we carry; Artcarved, Zeghani and Simon G all have designs that are vintage inspired. And be sure to check out the Sylvie Collection; designed for women by a woman.




In 2019, the vintage trend is predicted to continue with vintage inspired cuts such as, oval, pear and emerald cut. These cuts appear larger and work with any season throughout the year. A gorgeous intricately designed shank with a larger than life oval cut center stone nestled within a sparkling halo. This engagement ring will live on through its several features that keep it bright and sparkling year after year. These styles also look great as a solitaire (the definition of a solitaire diamond ring has evolved over time. Engagement rings with diamonds on the band are now considered to be "solitaire") or a halo engagement ring, which makes it versatile for more brides. If your bride to be is into vintage glam then this trend is definitely for her. When it's time for the wedding bands; consider stackable bands on both sides of the engagement ring.

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