Vacation Proposal Suggestions

November 23, 2018

As we approach winter vacation season; several of our customers have told us of their plans to propose in a warmer climate. If you want to turn your vacation for two into the most memorable trip of your lives, a destination proposal is for you.

Flying off to a romantic destination where you’ll take a knee sounds like a magical scene: but getting that ring to the destination? Not so magical. To help your proposal plans go smoothly; please read these five helpful tips for traveling with an engagement ring to keep your proposal under wraps.                                              

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1. Insure the engagement ring: Insurance protection can provide peace of mind when traveling with an engagement ring. Family & Co. Jewelers recommends an insurance company called Gem Shield; all they do is insure jewelry, diamonds and fine watches. Don't trust something as important as her diamond engagement ring to your homeowners policy

2. Don't let her see her engagement ring: Your future bride must not see the diamond ring before you are ready to propose. Family & Co. Jewelers has special draw string pouches to give you to help you conceal the ring. We will also provide a nice ring box for home storage.

3. Getting through Customs with the engagement ring: If your trip takes you outside the good old USA, you will be passing through Customs on your return. It's a good idea to have proof that you purchased your ring here in the states. Taking a picture of the diamond ring in a setting that proves you had the ring prior to your vacation. Taking the picture with your phone guarantees that you will have the picture with you and that it will prove when the picture was taken.

4. Don't get caught with the engagement ring: Remember that the TSA will make you empty your pockets. We suggest packing the diamond ring in your carryon bag. This way the valuable ring is with you but hidden. Be extra careful that nothing in your bag will draw attention to it. Don't carry too much liquid for example.

5. Be prepared to act fast: What if despite your best efforts she sees the ring to soon? Maybe a TSA agent is over zealous. Maybe your future bride opens your bag unexpectedly? Don't panic; don't make up stories. Simply drop to one new and propose right there at the airport. Might not be what you planned but sometimes life has a way of changing our plans...


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