5 Reasons to “Fall in Love” with the Beverley K Collection.

November 14, 2018

Family & Co. Jewelers and Beverley K We are committed to bringing you beautiful jewelry. You can be confident that every piece of Beverley K at Family & Co. Jewelerscarries our promise of quality and craftsmanship. We are proud of what we do... and we want you to be proud too.

1.Beauty Realized> It all starts with a dream, a vision where sparkling gems mesh gracefully with lustrous platinum and luminous karat gold. Beverley K's designers translate their imaginations into pen and paper like tiny architectural schematics, carefully planning every angle and element.

2. Sculptural Dimension> Talented model makers meticulously translate designs into three dimensional sculptures, carving waxes to scale so they can be cast in precious metals. This process is integral for Beverley K to bring such depth and dimensionality to their pieces.

3. Fine Quality Gems> Beverley K uses only the very best gems in our collection. Each dazzling diamond... every luscious colored stone... is hand sorted and selected for a flawless match in the finished piece. Precious sapphires, rubies and tsavorites are among the beautiful colors in their gem palette.

4. Old World Craftsmanship> To ensure that Family & Co. Jewelers' high standards of quality are constantly met, Beverley K's jewelers hand finish each piece, setting even the tiniest of gems to sparkling exactness and polishing every surface of precious metals to glistening perfection. Skilled artisans then add amazingly intricate details to many of our designs....all done by hand. They engrave and mill rich patterns and luxurious textures, creating exquisite little jewels.

5. Customized Collection> Family & Co. Jewelers caters to your every desire. Because Beverley K has our own dedicated factory, it is possible to handle all of your special requests. If you can imagine it, Family & Co. Jewelers and Beverley K can make it. We work in 14 karat and 18 karat white, yellow or rose gold and platinum.

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