Above Ground Diamonds

November 9, 2018

Family & Co. Jewelers has always believed in giving our clientele choices.  This includes choices in diamonds.  We also believe in offering the newest; the latest and the greatest!

For these reasons we are now carrying above ground Diamonds.  Of course we continue to offer the area's largest selection of GIA certified earth mined diamonds.  We show you both side by side and allow you to make your decision.

Above ground Diamonds are produced using a technological innovation that yields diamonds of exceptionally high quality and purity. Only the top two percent of mined diamonds can compare. They are identical in their composition, as well as in their physical appearance, to mined diamonds. A gemologist cannot tell the difference between a above ground Diamond and a mined diamond because there is no difference.  All above ground Diamonds are laser inscribed "Lab Grown" to avoid any confusion.

Above ground Diamonds are often able to achieve a higher quality than their mined counterparts due to the environment in which they are grown. Each above ground Diamond is then carefully faceted and crafted into a beautiful, fiery and brilliant diamond. While their unique growth process qualifies above ground Diamonds as the purest diamonds in the world, they’re even environmentally friendly and conflict free.

Family & Co. Jewelers prices above ground Diamonds 40% less than an earth mined diamond of the same clarity and color.  Furthermore; above ground Diamonds are cut for perfection; these diamonds often are Ideal Cut and Triple Excellent cuts.

The 4 C’s

Just like earth mined diamonds, every grown diamond is examined and graded by expert gemologists to provide the most rigorous assessment of the four Cs.

Cut: Every diamond is a sparkle and a pattern of light. Cut measures workmanship. The cut is what reflects luminous light, brightness, dispersion, contrast and scintillation. Above ground diamonds tend to be cut much better than the average earth mined diamonds.

Clarity: A diamond’s radiance is from its flawlessness. Clarity measures diamond flaws, called inclusions, which might appear as tiny spots, clouds, or cavities.

Color: Colorlessness is a quality. Color is graded by letters ranging from D to Z, starting with D for most rare & colorless diamonds.

Carat: Carat is a weight and size measurement. A 1.00 carat diamond weighs 200 milligrams. But there’s no ideal size for a diamond. It depends on budget and taste. Small diamonds are less expensive than larger diamonds.

Compare for yourself; both earth mined diamonds and above ground Diamonds are real diamonds.  And Family & Co. Jewelers is the only store in the area to carry both!

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