Holiday Proposal Suggestions

December 19, 2018

December 2018 has set records for the number of diamond and other gemstone (morganite is a new favorite) engagement rings Family & Co. Jewelers has crafted for our clientele. Love is definitely in the air! The holidays does bring out the romance in us all. Is it the mistletoe? The gatherings of family and friends? Perhaps the eggnog? Whatever the reason or reasons it certainly is a time of the year when many more men bend a knee and ask for her hand in marriage. So here are some festive marriage proposal ideas that we love.

(Inspired by a blog that we read on The Knot)


With twinkling lights, cheery music and a festive chill in the air, plus tons of friends and family gathered together, there's nothing quite like the holidays to finally pop the question. Here are seven of our favorite, spirited marriage proposal ideas to make your

Snow Bunnies

Do you both like to ski or snowboard? After you both hit the slopes let her get a warm shower first. Sneak outside and write your proposal big and bold in the snow where your partner won't miss it. Use a shovel to carve out your big question, or better yet, use Christmas lights, poinsettias or red roses! Talk to the lodge or hotel staff in advance for their assistance.


Not hitting the slopes? Perhaps build a snowman. Find strong branches (or other sturdy materials) for arms, then attach the diamond ring. Try placing a pillow across each of the snowman's arms, and pinning the engagement ring on top (write a note and add flowers for further romance). Or, simply tie the ring to a ribbon and attach it to the snowman's arm. In the other arm, place flowers, a cute sign or a note.

Christmas Decoration with a Romantic Twist

Draw or write meaningful sentiments from your relationship on plain ornaments with paints or markers, then decorate your Christmas tree with the personalized ornaments. On the tree topper or star, write "Will you marry me?" as the final touch. A couple of ways to do this. You can decorate the tree ahead of time or you can decorate the tree together. If you choose the later; bury the special ornaments and the topper at the bottom of the box.


Every Day is a Gift

Try a similar concept, but revealed more gradually. If you celebrate Christmas, create a personalized Advent calendar with each little window revealing another important relationship marker or memory, and/or reasons why you love your partner. Save the proposal window for December 25, and, if you can swing it, hide the ring inside (we recommend putting the ring in the calendar on the morning of, so you know where it is until then). If you celebrate Hanukkah, here is an idea for next year. The same concept work, have each day of gifts build up to the most special gift of all; the diamond engagement ring and the question.

Santa For a Day

It's best if your partner has a good sense of humor or a true Santa obsession for this lighthearted proposal idea. Ask a local department store if you can dress up as Santa for part of the day. Enlist your partner's friends to take her shopping there, then convince her to sit on Santa's lap. She will be totally surprised when Santa suddenly reaches into his sack and pulls out a diamond engagement ring; think of the amazing photos!

Carolers at the Door

If you know of a local group of singers, contact them and plan for them to come caroling to your door while you and your future bride are enjoying a cozy, romantic evening

( think eggnog, strawberries, cheese, chocolate and a roaring fire). The carolers can hold signs saying "Merry Christmas," and when they're finished singing, they can flip them over to reveal "Will you marry me?" spelled out across the group.

As the Ball Drops

If you're attending a public New Year's Eve party, work your proposal into the crowd's big countdown to the New Year. Remember to inform the other party guests of your plan and make sure it's okay with everyone. Once the group's chanted the countdown and reaches "Three, two, one…" have the room go quiet and turn toward your future bride and pull out her diamond engagement ring. Once you get the "yes!" let the shouts and cheers of celebration begin.

Party for Two

If large crowds aren’t for the two of you, then plan an intimate New Year's Eve celebration. Light a fire to snuggle by or choose your all time favorite movies. When the clock strikes midnight get on bended knee and present the diamond engagement ring. Do you think she suspects a proposal is coming at midnight? Two other options to keep the surprise; the first is kinder. Propose earlier or in the evening or wait until you both crawl into bed and propose then...


Happy holidays!


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