Crystal is 4th generation and made her debut in the store in a playpen as a baby. Then as a young child she would come in and windex, stuff bags ect. She took a detour for a few years down her mother’s path and was a hairdresser/barber. Then in 2003 she made her way back to her father’s business and has worked in the family business since, even commuting from Pa to work for a while when she meet her sweetie, who she married in 2011 and has since joined in the family business and they bought a house in NJ to be close to the family. Crystal has worked in many different aspects ranging from placing orders with vendors, taking care of paperwork, adding new merchandise to inventory and printing tags, some shipping and of course the most important part, helping out our wonderful customers find the perfect piece of jewelry to fill their needs! When not at work Crystal enjoys relaxing with her sweetie, soaking in the hot tub, country line dancing.  Since becoming a mom in 2016; her favorite way to spend her time is watching her adorable little one laugh, learn and grow.



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